but sad don't watch the sun go down
by Bane 10/24/2014

"Yesterday when you were walking, we talked about your mum and dad. What they did that made you happy, what they did that made you sad.  But sad don't watch the sun go down, picked a star before we lost the moon.  Youth is wasted on the young, before you know it's come and gone to soon." This is for you Kyo XD

Sort of back :/
by Bane 6/5/2014

Hello readers! It is I, Bane!  I am here to say that for a short amount of time that the story of the comic is on hiatus but i will try to post short, single picture strips most days.  Soon I am going to LEGOLand and I am going to the store and getting a whole lot of parts from Pick-a-Brick and I am going to work on some MOCs but for now It will just be random posts for most days of the week.  As always I will see you soon and one more thing.  I know I have readers.  SO COMMENT.  What is the point of reading something everyday that you like or even love but not giving good or bad criticism.  Comment whatever you feel I could improve about the comic or just something like an idea for a story arc or for a character.  So BYE!!!! *waves*

Sadness comes near...
by Bane 7/21/2013
As the title stated, there is much sadness. My comic studio has been attacked by LEGO'S worst enemy- a little kid. For this week there is a week long hiatus. See you next week with a big surprise!
by Bane 7/8/2013

I have been put on the BCN comic dropdown. If you go on the dropdown and look you will see my comic!

by Bane 6/16/2013

As you probably know I have started a brand new storyline in TAOM. It will be a whole lot better than the last storyline which was no storyline at all pretty much. I hope you like it and I'll be seeing you around. bye!

Having a crossover in 2013!
by Bane 12/28/2012

It's offical! I'm not having a child but something better than that! Me and the comic The Misadventures of Waldorf re having a crossover in February in 2013. Stay tuned to both of the comics mentioned and just wait for the crossover to come!

Merry Christmas!
by Bane 12/25/2012

Merry Christmas to all of my fans! I hope that you all have a very holly jolly Christmas this season! So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is creeping up on me.
by Bane 12/21/2012

I've decided to do a new bolg since there was no apocalypse today. It seems that Christmas is creeping up on me this year. I wonder what I'll get this year. I'll have to wait and find out. BYE FOR NOW!

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