Bringing Bionicle Back
by Bane

I am making a new chapter of the comic just about Bionicle. You know it as the theme that ran from 2001 until 2010 when Lego sadly discontinued it. I am now convinced to make Lego bring Bionicle back. In this new chapter I will be coming up with ways to try and bring Bionicle back. I will also be doing other random MOCs and real sets in the comic. This chapter must be perfect because I will try and get someone from the Lego company to read it. If they don't bring it back then I'll just raid LEGO HQ. Just kidding! If you love Bionicle and are obsessed with it as I am support my comic and spread the word about my comic and make people read it so we can have Bionicle back. Other websites that are trying to bring it back are the Bring Bionicle Back Club(I'm part of it on their website), the Bionicle Protection Program, the petition called Bring Back Bionicle on iPetitions, and some people on BZPower(If you're a member of BZPower you can be a part of the Bring Back Bionicle Club). There are also videos on Youtube stating that we have rights to keep Bionicle sets being sold. They also state that VERY major characters like Toa Helryx and the original Makuta leader Makuta Miserix were never made as a set. Now give me Bionicle or give me death!

Pick-A-Brick order
by Bane

I just picked out some new Hero Factory parts on Pick-A Brick on Now I just have to get the money to buy them, but I'm sure I'll get the money here soon... I hope.