TAOM Comic Summary & Character Bios

-Comic Summary-

        Welcome to The Adventures of Max!  Max Ogelman is a 20 year old guy living with his parents growing up in Blockberg, USA.  He lives at home with his parents, Bob & Amy, and has a pet frog and cat.  Max sometimes finds himself in random, crazy situations.  He was stunned to discover that his dad, Bob, is not the mild mannered radio DJ he thought he was when he stumbled upon his secret basement lab in their house while searching for his frog.  Amy and Bob have to come clean about Bob's REAL career and Max has to be careful not to spill the beans about it to ANYONE... or else he may have to deal with someone at the lab headquarters.  And the top secret equipment in their home office, er... lab, might cause some trouble in more ways than one!

         Now the apocalypse is over and the regular world is safe from harm. But the Wizard World is under attack by Hero Factory villains what will they do? A new Hero, Bill Freeze is tasked with protecting the Wizard World from harm. Max's family has been transported to the Wizard World through the portal in his computer. With an evil robot and an evil knight sneaking into Hogwarts through a Vanishing Cabinet what else could get worse?

         Now some Bionicle characters are trying to bring Bionicle back. They have now met Broga and his friends who are now trying to help bring Bionicle back. The bionicle people are gone and the main cast is still stuck but all of a sudden Gandalf and his friends from "The Hobbit" appear becuse of Chrsitmas magic. Will they figure out what the heck is going on?

         Now the Ogelmans will go to "The Misadventures of Waldorf" for a special crossover. The Ogelmans were featured in Max's past when he was 10 and we learned a little bit from that. They found another new house and they have decided to start making fun of North Korea!

         Now they are rebooting the comic! Now the empire from star wars is invading. The empire has some people that betrayed Bob working with them. They went to the wizard World for a short time just for old times sake. Now Max is getting Married! The marriage just turned out to be a dream! Max then went to a new restaurant to eat but went into the real world and was almost killed! The person who almost killed Max came to his house to try to kill him again but he ended up getting killed himself! Max was then transported into the real world again by the author! He may be stuck there for good! Now an evil scientist is making a clone of himself!  And now Lord Doom from Middle Earth tries to invade, but is killed by Max.  Then Bobo and the midgets of Ravendill found the Onion Ring forged in Mount Burger Queen!

And now we are doing the seemingly stupid reboot!  After that they will be on some other crazy adventure!  Stay tuned to find out what happens next on The Adventures Of Max!


Max Ogelman-  He's a brick kid who has a knack for finding himself in the middle of crazy adventures. He lives at home with his parents, Bob & Amy Ogelman. Max has learned that his dad, Bob, has a BIG secret when he discovers his secret basement lab. He has been through the apocalypse, a crossover, An Imperial invasion, and lots of other stuff.

Bob Ogelman-  Max's dad is always there to help his son out of a mess.... if he's not in a mess himself! Bob is a radio DJ... part of the time. His REAL job is as a scientist for a high tech laboratory that specializes in deatomization, lasers, and sharks with laser beams attached to their foreheads. J/K... there are no sharks with laser beams at Bob's lab HQ, but the other stuff IS there! 

Amy Ogelman-  Max's mom. Sometimes Max's crazy plots go over her head, but she's not always unaware! SHE knew all along about Bob's secret "other" job. Amy works part time at the town library. 

George-  Max's pet frog. Yes, he can talk! 

Cupcake-  Amy's pet cat is always lurking around ready to tattle on Max, pounce George, and otherwise cause trouble. She can talk... if she feels like it. Usually she doesn't want to waste her breath talking to the humans though.

Sarah- Max's wife-to-be in his dream.

Professor Tom-  Bob's colleague at the SSL HQ  (Super Secret Laboratories Headquarters), He and chase joined the Empire to get revenge on Bob because he is so careless and the radiation from the deatomizer had caused the apocalypse.

Professor Chase- The head scientist at the SSL HQ, He and Tom joined the Empire (stated above)

The Brickman Family- Old friends of the Ogelmans

(More character bios to come as they appear in the strip!)