Comic 2 - A hair raising surprise!

7/5/2012 in Prolouge
A hair raising surprise!
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Nice comic! It's certainly better than some others I've seen. My only complaint is the multicolured-ness of that house, No house is red, green, blue, cream, lime and yellow :P
Bane 7/10/2012 edit delete reply
LOL, it's hard to stick to one color scheme. Gotta work with the bricks you have ;-) And thank you, I'm glad you commented.
Darthjc 7/13/2012 edit delete reply
same the build quality is good just the colour scheme ruins it and maybe not having the narration, just to move it along a little bit.
I'd have to agree about the colors, Bane. If possible, you might want to get a nice pile of bricks of a single color from Lego's Pick-a-Brick (on, or even at your local Lego store, if you have one), or sites like Bricklink.

Although I certainly hear you on working with what you have, that's always important.
Bane 9/4/2012 edit delete reply
yeah here soon I'll try and get on pick-a-brick but for now I redesigned it in different colors.
Bane 9/4/2012 edit delete reply
Look at my latest strip so you can see how I redesigned the house.
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