Comic 20 - Bring Bionicle Back #2

12/1/2012 in Bring Bionicle Back
Bring Bionicle Back #2
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Author Notes:

Bane 12/1/2012 edit delete
The second strip in this chapter. Vorox and Fero are coming up with some nice ideas on how to bring Bionicle aren't they? I suppose that you didn't know that they killed Tuma. Well that explains his sudden absence. Which idea is better in your opinion? Post a comment below on what idea you think is good. And yes Fero doesn't usually come up with good ideas.I think I'll have Vorox and Fero be like Max and George in this chapter, but playing their own roles. Their roles are trying to bring Bionicle back to us fans. If you have any helpful ideas post them below. In panel 2 it's think not thin like I put it. BYE!
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