Comic 3 - Where's George?? (Part 1)

7/12/2012 in Prolouge
Where's George?? (Part 1)
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Phi 7/14/2012 edit delete reply
I love that cat!
Interesting use of that Harry Potter castle cone as a lampshade, it works pretty well.

And I like those hairstyles, I think they should start a rock band or something.

As for the "Ogelmans" - I see what you did there!

Other than the colors, I'd say the only thing that really stands out is your choice of faces for your characters between shots. In the 2nd and 3rd panels, for example, I couldn't tell that the female character was - well, female.

Expressive faces can be good to use, but those seem like very masculine faces. I forgot she was supposed to be a girl. The male expressions for a female character make things pretty confusing when there are other, male characters with long hair as well.
Bane 7/19/2012 edit delete reply
Thank you for your helpful comments, Blockcomics :-) It's cool getting advice and opinions from a BCN author! Have you ever drawn a face with a paint pen? I might try that so the mom can have some scared and mad faces that are also girly. I see what you mean about her not looking right. And I'm sort of regretting Bob's long hair anyway, because he can't turn his head with that hairpiece, so Bob may be getting a new look soon.
You're very welcome!

And no, I don't draw faces with pens, but I do make paper "decals" on my computer that I print, cut out, and glue to my figures. Most of the zombies in Zombie Outbrick have face decals that I designed in Photoshop.

And the change in hairstyles for Bob may be a good idea, although you could always just have him turn his whole body instead, whenever he needs to look somewhere else.

But I wouldn't be surprised if the radiation from getting deatomized made Bob bald!
Bane 7/2/2013 edit delete reply
and Bob's legs are backwards. Just now noticed it. a year after posting this strip.
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