Comic 4 - Where's George? (Part 2)

7/12/2012 in Prolouge
Where's George?  (Part 2)
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Author Notes:

Bane 7/12/2012 edit delete
Panel 3 (lower left) is supposed to be a bit blurred to keep the setting unknown for now.
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Tom 7/14/2012 edit delete reply
Nice technique.
Bane 7/14/2012 edit delete reply
Thank you!
Interesting blurring effect for panel 3, although it seems to draw the focus toward George, more than keep the location obscure.

With all the multicolored bricks, he was very hard to spot - without the emphasis created by the blur, I might not have seen him at all.

You can pretty much tell what the setting looks like, even with the blur. It doesn't particularly matter, anyway, since we the readers have no context to determine the significance of this location.

Also, as for the narration (like "They head downstairs to search for George"), I find it's usually unnecessary. If you take a look at Zombie Outbrick, you'll see that I do use similar narration for a few episodes, but that stops early on.

Comics are a very visual medium - meaning, unlike a novel, the story is told through actions, and what the reader can see, rather than words. Narration can be used for effect, but if you can communicate what you need to through pictures and dialogue, you almost never need to come out and shout it at your audience.

I'm not saying all narration in comics is bad - but sometimes it's better to let the visuals tell the story. (We can see the characters are going down the stairs, and we already know they're looking for George.)
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