Comic 5 - A Mysterious Visitor

7/14/2012 in Prolouge
A Mysterious Visitor
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Author Notes:

Bane 7/14/2012 edit delete
I like how I used the pink arms with red torso. I like how it looks a lot.
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Phi 7/14/2012 edit delete reply
What is that machine in the basement???
Bane 7/14/2012 edit delete reply
It's classified! Haha, j/k... more info on the machine and the basement to come in future strips.
I like this layout better than your previous ones - it feels a lot cleaner.

And that looks like an interesting machine, although with George sitting on it, I'm sure things won't end well!

Again, the multicolored design of the walls makes things kind of visually confusing - do you think you could consolidate your red bricks, for example, and make one wall all red? (And one all white, etc.)
Bane 7/19/2012 edit delete reply
Thanks, Blockcomics! I like this layout and the 4 square layout on the next strip the best and I'll probably stick with them until I find a better way. I am going to "remodel" the Ogelman's house soon to make it as solid colored as I can. I see what everyone means about it being hard to see details with the multicolored walls. Maybe I can build a story line around the remodeling project.
It certainly takes a few comics to find a layout you like, and then once you find one that works, it is a good idea to stick with it.

And yeah, a remodeling project in the story would probably be a good idea. Hey, perhaps in the story, the original designer of the house was a bit schizoid, and his favorite color was "all of them."
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