Comic 71 - And we FINALLY back... in a certain way.

And we FINALLY back... in a certain way.
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Bane 6/6/2014 edit delete
As I promised I am back! *crowd goes wild* XD OK so this is the official summer 2014 reboot. I will be doing just random little bits of stuff until I get a huge amount of parts from Pick-a-brick but until then I am just doing this. On July 2nd I will do a very special comic for the 2nd anniversary of The Adventures of Max. We sure have come a long way since then. Almost 2 years ago all I had was a very colorful looking house that was poorly built over the course of like 4 hours. But now I am a better builder as you can see with the Pikachu mosaic in the background. And 2 years ago from today this comic was just a very small idea from my inspiration from Brick House, Bricks of the Dead, and Tranquility Base. So until the story starts a new one, I will be doing this. As always, I will see YOU very soon.
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