Comic 72 - No Alcohol #1

No Alcohol #1
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Bane 6/9/2014 edit delete
And here is the first reboot strip! :D No wonder nobody brings beer inside of a hospital! Well I think I am going to do at least 1 per day. The plan is to get up to strip 99 and do 100 on July 2nd which is the second anniversary! I remember i used to give shout outs to YouTubers and I will do that during the reboot. So today I am shouting-out JANGBRiCKS which is a guy who reviews LEGO and Mega Bloks sets. Wll I will see you tomorrow! BYE BYE!
Bane 7/24/2014 edit delete
Sorry that I forgot the 2nd anniversary but I have been very busy lately and stuff. Hopefully I can update soon =D
Bane 10/13/2014 edit delete
Sorry for not being very active but I have not found time to update much as most of my LEGO collection is in storage at the moment. For the time being, consider this an official HIATUS.
Bane 10/15/2014 edit delete
I just checked the statistics and i have had about 200 hits TODAY and for only like 20 visitors who come here daily, I have decided that whether or not i find my Max figure (idk where he is) ever again, I still will make comics so I plan to post today or tommorrow and i will FORCE myself to publish if i have to because i love posting but i get distracted with video games and such. Consider this almost the end of the hiatus.
Bane 10/20/2014 edit delete
That comment below was me by the way.
Bane 10/24/2014 edit delete
I will update soon but first I might need to find my camera... :P
Bane 11/8/2014 edit delete
Found the camera but gotta repair some stuff... :P
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Guest 10/20/2014 edit delete reply
Sorry but my computer of course wants to be stubborn since I finally wanna update so sadly, there might not be an update for the foreseeable week or 2.
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