Comic 73 - Bring Bionicle Back #5 Or 6?

11/16/2014 in The 2014 Summer Reboot
Bring Bionicle Back #5 Or 6?
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Author Notes:

Bane 11/16/2014 edit delete
This is more now a fall/winter reboot but this is in the summer reboot chapter nevertheless! I posted this here as I cannot find all the minifigures STILL, sorry! But one day Max will be found I promise. As hinted in the strip above, Bionicle is coming in 2015 as many of you know. Bye for now!
Bane 1/30/2015 edit delete
Guys I have found myself in a very frustrating place. My PC does not work and I cannot post anything so of course, a hiatus *sigh* I plan to do a Bionicle comic once I get a few more sets and my PC gets fixed but sadly I must call a hiatus. I am also thinking of making the mentioned bionicle comic a full time comic and ending TAOM but I am not sure yet. Stay tuned. -Bane
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